Baby Progression

We are now in our 28th week of pregnancy – three months to go!  I’m a week into my third trimester and I’m still feeling pretty good.  My energy level that I so enjoyed over the past couple months seems to be waning a bit now, but I still have enough in me to get stuff done, even if it is in small doses.  With that said, we are starting to slowly check off items on our to-do list.  Here’s a quick update on what we’ve done so far on our top 10 list:

1.  Fill out application and give deposit to daycare to hold our spotDone and done.  She will start daycare in August (and I’m already sad thinking about it).

4.  Slowly begin to purchase large ticket items like, crib, stroller and car seat – Nothing has been bought yet, but all the research has been done so we know exactly what we’re going to get.
5.  Sign up for birthing and breastfeeding classes – We are signed up and heading to our Birth Basics class next Saturday, 2/27.  I will attend a breastfeeding class sometime in April as I get a little closer to my due date (hospital recommendation).
6.  Transform our current guest bedroom into the nursery – This is still a work in progress, but we have chosen the paint colors – tan and cream – and her bedding is already bought.  We will paint sometime in early March.
7.  Register and take a tour of hospital – We will take a tour of the hospital during our Birth Basics class next week.
9.  Plan for maternity leave at work – Done.  If all goes as planned (I probably just jinxed myself), I will be off starting the second week in May through July with some working remotely from home here and there.
10.  Find a pediatrician – Almost done.  We have received a recommendation from my OB based on insurance coverage and proximity to home.  I just need to call and ask a few questions before I put it in writing.

Of course, I would like things to move a little faster, and I would love to have everything done by next week, but I’m learning life’s little lesson in patience – it’s good for me.
This baby bump photo was taken at 27 weeks by Tyson.    

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