Top 10 Things To Do…

I’m officially halfway through this pregnancy (21 weeks today) – wow!  I now know what everyone means when they say it goes by in a flash.  Of course, I think those are the people, like me, who have pretty easy pregnancies.  I know others who would whole-heartedly disagree with this statement.

So, in honor of making it halfway, I’ve created a list of things that need to get done before our little girl’s arrival in May.  There are plenty of items, but I’ve narrowed it down to the top 10:

1.  Fill out application and give deposit to daycare to hold our spot – going today!
2.  Look into prenatal yoga classes – ASAP
3.  Research healthcare plans and life insurance policies – 5-8 months
4.  Slowly begin to purchase large ticket items like, crib, stroller and car seat – 5-9 months
5.  Sign up for birthing and breastfeeding classes – 6-7 months
6.  Transform our current guest bedroom into the nursery (note: guests will now sleep in the den, but on a really comfortable Aerobed that we purchased specifically with you in mind) – 6-7 months
7.  Register and take a tour of hospital – 7 months
8.  Register at Babies R Us and TBD – 7 months
9.  Plan for maternity leave at work – 8 months
10.  Find a pediatrician – 8 months

Check back later to see how we’re progressing!

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