We’re having a girl!

Tyson and I found out today that we are expecting a baby girl!  We are both thrilled, of course, and we’re very lucky to already have two garbage bags filled with cute girl clothes from my sister (thanks again!).  

The ultrasound showed that she is progressing very well in size and development, so we are still on track for a mid-May birth (May 11th).  And, just in case there was any question about her gender, she spread her legs and practically sat on the camera.  She’s already learning to cooperate – yay!

We are at 19 weeks today, and I just started feeling her movements a few days ago.  Most of the time they just feel like little twitches, but sometimes she’ll hit a sensitive spot, like my bladder, so I know she’s doing a lot of stretching.  My normal clothes are also starting to get a little tight, so I broke down and bought a couple maternity pants this past weekend.  I have to say, they are quite comfortable even if they are still a little baggy.

I’ve been blessed with a very easy pregnancy so far, and I hope it stays that way.  I’ve been experiencing some sharp, periodic pain in my right, lower back, which could be my sciatic nerve, but it typically goes away with some stretching.  I figured if that’s my only ache so far, I’m doing really well.

Now that we know what we’re having, we are already dreaming up names and paint schemes for the nursery.  Right now we are leaning towards red and white for the room, but I’m afraid names will remain a tightly held secret between just Tyson and I until the baby’s arrival.  

Stay tuned for photos of my growing belly, our progression on the nursery and other baby-related updates.

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