Our newest addition…no, I mean the dog

Back in May, you may remember that we took in a stray puppy.  She was absolutely adorable, friendly, smart, and completely unexpected.  I’m a planner and the plan was that we were perfectly happy with just the one dog.  We had searched for him, got the house puppy-proofed, trained him, he went everywhere with us.  It was just the three of us and we liked it that way. 

When Bean came along, we weren’t sure we were ready for the financial and parental responsiblities of a owning a second dog – or worse, a puppy.  For the first few months, we weren’t committed to her with anywhere near the same gusto as we had with Tahoe.  We had our reasons – our home isn’t big enough, we’re trying to have a baby, we have busy jobs, etc.  My parents had offered numerous times to take her since their dog recently passed away, and each time it was tempting to take them up on their offer.  But I just couldn’t do it the longer she stayed with us.  

Now, six months later, she continues to build a bond with us and Tahoe, and it’s hard to think of our home without her.  She’s definitely brought challenges.  Last month, she started her first heat cycle before her scheduled spay appointment.  She wore doggie-diapers around the house for three weeks (yes, female dogs are in heat for at least 21 days!), which we became pros at putting on in 5-seconds flat.  She also likes to bark, which is my least favorite dog trait.  However, as she gets a little older, we realize that she’s quite protective and smart (even more than Tahoe), and with a little more training, she’s going to make an excellent sister to Baby Williams.  She’s here to stay – and who could resist that face?!

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