It’s official…

Tyson and I have become homeowners. We’ve spent the majority of the past 4 months researching neighborhoods and listings, looking for the perfect first home for us. Looking back now, I think the whole process went by pretty fast, but it wasn’t without some stress and anxiety.

We put in our offer about three weeks ago and signed the final papers this evening. We officially take possession tomorrow and are now looking forward to making it a home for us. We call the house “vanilla pudding” because there’s nothing really to it. However, we now have a blank slate to work with and we will be spending the next few weeks spicing it up. Stay tuned for before and after photos. In the meantime, here are two outside photos -one of the front and one of the backyard and view. We fell in love with the backyard and can’t wait for Tahoe to enjoy it, too.

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  1. Congratulations! That’s a big step. I look forward to seeing more photos.

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