Four Peaks

If you know us, or have at least been reading our blog, you know by now that we love to explore, and have a great appreciation for the outdoors. After moving to Arizona from Washington State, I had to learn to love the desert. After living amongst pine trees, mountains and water most of my life, cacti and sage brush was quite a change for me.

Now, after almost 5 years, I’m starting to understand why people think the desert is beautiful. Last weekend we went up to the Four Peaks which are about 45 mins NE from our house. The drive was very pretty with wildflowers everywhere. And the green…who knew the desert could get this green? I’ve attached some photos we took on the way back down. However, these photos don’t do the reality justice.
Here are some other natural wonders I’m enjoying right now in my neighborhood:
Orange blossoms (imagine me with my head out the car window sniffing the air)
-Blooming Paddle Cacti (see blog photos from last spring)
-Palo Verde trees (the desert has exploded in yellow)
-Jackrabbits in my yard
-Coyotes in my neighborhood (they are more afraid of you)
-Falling asleep to the sound of crickets
What do you enjoy this time of year?


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2 responses to “Four Peaks

  1. I definitely thought the desert was beautiful when I last came to visit you — if for no other reason than it was so different from any other place I’ve been! It hasn’t quite reached lovely Spring weather here yet (it’s raining today), but I’m loving the tulips peaking from the ground in Central Park and the gorgeous Cherry Blossoms blooming along my busy street. Can’t wait for the warmth to come along with it!

  2. Hey Traci! I’m tagging you to post 8 Random Facts about yourself! If you want to join in, visit here for details:

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