Valentine’s Past, Present and Future

Every year, Valentine’s Day seems to resurrect those silly childhood memories we tend to forget (or repress) the rest of the year… Making paper mailboxes in school to hold all your cards from classmates; picking that perfect card to tell my crush of the week how great he looks in his new acid-wash jeans; acting as moral support for my sister while she drops an oversized Hersey Kiss on her crush’s doorstep and speeds away. Although it’s not my favorite holiday, the memories made on this very day always give me a good laugh.

One of my favorite V-Day memories started about three years ago. Tyson and I had been together for almost a year, and he had a key to my apartment. When I got home from work, I was surprised to find my bedroom raining paper hearts. He had spent most of the night before cutting out red hearts and ribbon, and then dropped by on his lunch break to hang them up. They were so great, I kept them up until April. I told him he shouldn’t have set the bar so high from the start, but he had to make an impression – and that he did!

Three years later, I’m stepping up my game and making a delicious dinner for two. This is our last Valentine’s Day as a single couple, so I’m sure many more memories are to come.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for the card. Good luck with cooking up the dinner for two, and I wish you many more Valentine’s Day celebrations to come!

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