September 15, 2007

We have set the wedding date…8 months to go. I’ve decided to stop counting from here as it makes me break out into a rash – not the wedding part, the planning part. Afterall, it is why I ventured away from event planning.

Tyson and I have found the perfect place for our intimate wedding weekend – The Pelican Inn, just north of San Francisco. Prior to finding P.I., we couldn’t agree on a cermony location. However, like all major decisions we have made thus far, all it took was a little time and research (and money in this case!). As soon as we saw the quaint, little English Inn, we knew we found the perfect place for our families to come together and celebrate with us.

I’ve included some photos of the Inn, the Overlook where we’re planning to have the ceremony (2 miles away from the Inn) and Muir Beach where we hope to catch a couple great sunsets (100 yards from the Inn). We can’t wait!


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  1. What a beautiful venue for your very special day! We’re looking forward to sharing the wonderful event with you, family & friends.

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