Welcome Tahoe!

Well, after months of reading about dog breeds, and what to do when they jump up on you and poop in your perfectly clean house…we searched and finally found the dog for us.

Tahoe is a 6 month old male labrador retriever/Irish setter mix. I found him in the pets classifieds and immediately called Tyson at work. He was in a foster home through an organization called “Caring for Canines”. His litter-mates were already gone, so he was left to play with an aging Rottweiler and Boston Terrier. He has a very excellent temperment and disposition – not to mention a beautfiul shiny auburn coat.

Reality of becoming puppy parents hit us full-force when we first got him (last Saturday). Although Tahoe’s foster mom meant well, her house was unkept and in the middle of the desert, so Tahoe was pretty dirty when we brought him home. First item of business was to bathe him, and since he didn’t have his rabies shot until this last Monday, we had to do it ourselves (versus taking him for a full grooming at PetSmart). In doing so, we found 7, yes 7, ticks on him (total to date is 10). We immediately removed them and gave him a second bath with flea and tick shampoo. I’m sure he really hated us at first, but now he can’t get enough of our attention. Since having him in the house, we have vacuumed and cleaned our house from top to bottom twice to hopefully rid any fleas and ticks that may have entered since this blessed welcome. Tahoe has stopped scratching, so I’ll take that as a good sign for now. Tomorrow we start him on Frontline to ward off any future bug invaders.

On top of the fleas and ticks, he also had an upset stomach from what I believe to be the peanut butter I put in his kong toy on Saturday (oops). He had the runs all weekend, but has since recovered. We know we’ve become puppy parents when we high-five each other after he has a normal bowel movement. The great thing is he’s completely housebroken so as soon as we broke his fear of the stairs he started going downstairs to sit by the door – he’s a smarty.

We went to the Vet on Monday to have him checked out, and he’s already 40 lbs (they think he’ll be about 70 lbs full-grown). He did excellent and checked out healthy. For now, we’re taking our morning walks and adapting to our new routine.

Attached are a few pictures we’ve taken of him so far. We think he’s just beautiful. You now know more about our dog than you wanted to. 🙂

We hope all is well.

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